$GFAL IGO Starts 9th of March — Do Not Miss Out!

4 min readMar 8, 2023

The $GFAL token IGO is launching tomorrow and will be crucial in all games developed by Games for a Living, starting with Elemental Raiders.

$GFAL has emerged to revolutionize the way gamers play, trade, and participate in this new generation of gaming, the future of gaming. Here is all the details you need to know about this exciting launch!

Why $GFAL is the future of gaming:

The $GFAL token is designed specifically for:

- Minting game assets into NFTs and trading them in our marketplace
- Participating in events and tournaments
- Enjoying exclusive benefits through our VIP system (The more $GFAL a player holds, the greater their VIP status will become)
- Priority access and discounted transactions
- Governance rights allowing holders to have a say in the development and management of the platform

But $GFAL isn’t just for gamers. Developers will also benefit from holding $GFAL. Our platform offers a developer portal, game analytics, and live events that are only accessible to those who hold $GFAL. This provides an exclusive opportunity for developers to network, gain insights, and showcase their talents to a captive audience.

With $GFAL, the world of gaming is about to become more exciting and immersive than ever before.

IGO Details:

The IGO starts on the 9th of March 2023 lasting 24 hours with the listing date set to the 13th of March.

The IGO price for $GFAL is set at $0.004

You can participate in the IGO by using either Seedify, EnjinStarter, or Bit2Me (details below for each).


Seedify is a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad. By staking $SFUND, you become eligible to buy game tokens before everyone else, giving you the edge in the play-to-earn era! Here are the steps you need to follow to participate in the $GFAL IGO on their launchpad.

Process for purchasing $GFAL on Seedify

Before the IGO starts:

Step 1: Buy SFUNDs available on Pancakeswap, Kucoin, Gateio, and Huobi (Tier System)

Step 2: Stake or Farm SFUNDs (staking guide)

Step 3: Complete the KYC Process

Once the IGO is live:

  1. Check the announced whitelist before the IGO in the Telegram announcement channel.
  2. Connect Your Wallet To Seedify
  3. Purchase your desired $GFAL Tokens

After the IGO ends:

  1. Claim your previously bought tokens

For any further IGO/Seedify related questions, connect with Seedify ambassadors on the Seedify Global TG Chat: https://t.me/seedifyfundofficial


Bit2Me is a leading company in the cryptocurrency sector in Spain and is recognized by the Bank of Spain as a virtual currency service provider. At the end of September 2021, Bit2Me launched an ICO through B2M, its own utility token, in which it managed to raise €17.5 million in less than three minutes, a record figure both in terms of volume and collection time.

How to sign up for the $GFAL reservation on Bit2Me Launchpad:

  1. Register and verify your Bit2Me account.
  2. Choose $GFAL in the Launchpad section.
  3. 3. Take part by booking the number of tokens you want to buy.

Remember that your position in the reservation list depends on:

  1. Your total amount of B2M. The more you have, the higher your position.
  2. The date of registration. Be the first to book!

Tokens are limited so deposit funds in your € wallet before March 9th at 11:00 UTC.

Know at all times your position on the reservation list:️ https://bit2me.com/suite/launchpad/project/gfal?utm_source=telegram&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=gfal


The IDO Whitelist has already closed for EnjinStarter but here is what investors need to know:

Link: https://launchpad.enjinstarter.com/
Starts: March 9 02:00 CET
Connect your whitelisted KYC-approved wallet. First, there is a GAP phase, and then on March 10 the First Come First Phase.

More details can be seen here: https://twitter.com/enjinstarter/status/1631973064148754433?s=20

With $GFAL, the world of gaming is about to become more exciting and immersive than ever before. From creating NFTs to trading assets, participating in tournaments and events, and enjoying exclusive benefits as a VIP user.

GFAL is the future of gaming.

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